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Greater Richmond Marathi Mandal By Laws

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1            Home address of one of the current EC members will be communicated to local authorities as the registered address of GRMM. GRMM will operate a Post Office box to handle all GRMM postal communication.

2            Membership

2.1      The payment of membership dues shall keep the members in good standing and entitle them to membership for one year starting Oct 1st ending Sept 30th or part thereof. Membership shall not be transferable. Following will be the annual dues for different types of membership.

2.1.1        Family memberships $65,

2.1.2        Senior Citizen (65+ yrs) with Spouse: $50

2.1.3        Single Membership: $40

2.1.4        Student Membership (may include family): $25 with a valid Student Id from an accredited educational institution.

2.1.5        For Non-Members Program Fees are :
Family : $20
Single : $10
Child (5-11 years): $5

2.2      In the case of persons newly moving into the area and joining GRMM on or after March 1st, the EC may decide to charge one-half of the regular annual dues for the remainder of their first calendar year of membership.

3            Executive Committee

3.1      No meeting of the EC can be held without at least a seven-day notice to the EC members. Minimum of three EC members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business meetings of the EC. Decisions of the EC shall be passed only by a majority vote of those present.

3.2      The Program Director or Communications Director may prepare an agenda for the proceedings of the meeting of the EC. Communications director shall prepare minutes of the meeting in English, and these minutes shall be ratified at the next EC meeting.

3.3      Only an EC member or a GRMM member authorized by the EC shall represent GRMM at any conference, meeting, seminar or gathering.

3.4      The EC may appoint committees of members of GRMM to perform special tasks consistent with the realization of the aims and objectives of GRMM, to investigate specific problems, procedures and matters of interest, and to make recommendations to the EC. These ad hoc committees shall cease to operate after completion of assigned tasks, or at the discretion of the EC.

3.5      Each EC member and his/her heirs, executors and administrators, and members of all ad- hoc committees and General Body of the GRMM shall all times be indemnified and held harmless from matters legitimately undertaken by him/her in the execution of the responsibilities of his/her office.

4            Responsibilities of EC Officers

4.1      Role of the President

4.1.1        To effectively carry agreed schedule of activities of GRMM

4.1.2        To organize EC meetings as required

4.1.3        To ensure smooth functioning of EC

4.1.4        To ensure that the organization is adhering to the constitution

4.1.5        To review the activities related to preparing budgets and balance sheets

4.1.6        To authorize expenses and payments

4.1.7        To deliver State Of Associate report at AGBM.

4.1.8        To assist Election Officers in conducting elections

4.2      Role of the Program Director

4.2.1        To devise/plan programs in accordance with GRMM objectives

4.2.2        To monitor effective execution of planned programs with assistance from EC and GRMM members.

4.2.3        To authorize expenses and payments.

4.2.4        To assist Election Officers in conducting elections

4.2.5        The program director will be the Vice President and will carry out the duties of the President if the President is incapacitated or unable to carry out its duty for any other reason, or if the President is absent and he expressly delegated such authority to the Vice President.

4.3      Role of the Treasurer

4.3.1        Keep track of the finances of the organization.

4.3.2        Keep track of receipts and expenditures.

4.3.3        Prepare a budget for the financial year.

4.3.4        Prepare balance-sheet

4.3.5        Assist in the Independent Financial Audit process

4.3.6        Assist Election Officers in conducting elections

4.4      Role of the Cultural Director

4.4.1        Decide cultural activities to be performed at GRMM events

4.4.2        Take initiative in promoting creative talents of GRMM members for promoting Marathi cultural programs in various events.

4.4.3        Work for organizing events related to every Art Form related to Marathi culture, Maharashtra in particular and India in general, in consultation with EC and GRMM members.

4.4.4        Devise creative ideas to celebrate and promote traditional Marathi festivals. Keep focus on bringing forward our traditions in front of the young Marathi generation.

4.4.5        Assist Election Officers in conducting elections

4.5      Role of the Communications Director

4.5.1        Act as an official spokesman of GRMM in delivering and distributing communication regarding GRMM activities

4.5.2        Communicate meeting notices, program announcements, prepare flyers and keep members informed about important events and activities.

4.5.3        Receive/Review postal mail, email on behalf of GRMM.

4.5.4        Actively encourage and promote quality communication amongst GRMM community.

4.5.5        Assist Election Officer in conducting elections

4.6      Role of Technology Director

4.6.1        Ensure that the corporation makes use of available technology for efficient functioning

4.6.2        Manage Web site, email communications, member database and any other technical software or equipment.

4.6.3        Assist Election Officers in conducting elections

4.7      Role of Membership director

4.7.1        Make sure most of the Marathi families in the region are members of GRMM and continue to renew the membership.

4.7.2        Collect membership fees.

4.7.3        Keep EC informed about any important events, suggestions, grievances of GRMM members

4.7.4        Assist Election Officer in conducting elections.

4.8      Role of Marathi Shala coordinator

4.8.1        This role will be acting as a liaison between EC and teachers and will be appointed for Two (2) years minimum in order to minimize impact on the school operations and better continuity

4.8.2        Facilitating school admissions from annual day till school starts.

4.8.3        Working with teachers in curriculum planning

4.8.4        Managing Student material and school supplies (the actual supplies will be bought by EC)

4.8.5        Managing School calendar

4.8.6        Organizing Parent-Teacher meetings

4.8.7        Coordinating exams

4.8.8        Managing communication with parents

4.8.9        Handling all teacher co-ordination and communication

4.8.10      BMM co-ordination related to school activities

4.8.11      Teacher recognition

5            Finance

5.1      The fiscal year of GRMM shall be the calendar year.

5.2      The EC will conduct all business for the GRMM, including but not limited to, purchasing or hiring goods and services and entering into contracts on behalf of the GRMM.

5.3      The account in the name of GRMM shall be maintained in a bank or a savings institution and operated jointly by the President or Vice President and the Treasurer. No ad hoc committee of GRMM will be authorized to receive funds or separately maintain a bank account in the name of GRMM.

5.4      Before new EC takes charge, the new President, Vice President and Treasurer will go to the bank where GRMM has account and update the signatories.

5.5      No EC member will be allowed to make any expenditure without approval by President or Vice President and the Treasurer. Expenditures of more than $100 by any EC member must have prior approval from the EC.

5.6      Notwithstanding Article 5.2, any contract or financial transaction exceeding $1000 or 30% of total GRMM budget, shall require the consent of the General Body.

5.7      The outgoing EC shall prepare audited financial statements of their fiscal year no later than Sankrant Day of the following year. A copy of these statements shall be published in the AssociationÂ’s newsletter within 30 days. The incoming treasurer will be responsible for filing taxes for the previous fiscal year.

5.8      Any charitable donations solicited by GRMM with a predetermined specific purpose, will strictly be used for the said purpose. The accounts of these funds will be maintained separately and it is the responsibility of the President and the Treasurer not to divert the monies to any other purpose than what it was solicited for.

5.9      It will be the responsibility of EC to prepare a sound budget for the financial year keeping in mind the available resources.

5.10  EC will not be allowed to spend more than 80% of the available funds in one financial year.

5.11  If EC decides to donate funds to other charitable, not-for profit organization it must get approval of majority of the GRMM members.

5.12  From time to time depending on the need, GRMM may participate in fund-raising activities to help the local and global community in the event of any calamity. Any funds raised during such drives will solely be used for the cause. In situations that the funds cannot be used for the cause, partially or fully, any remaining funds will be diverted to other charitable causes with a majority vote from the donors.

5.13  The outgoing EC must hand over control of all business matters and financial and physical assets to the incoming EC within 1 week after the end of their term.

5.14  The GRMM accounts must be audited every year.

5.15  Marathi shala account and finance will be handled by GRMM Treasurer. However for book keepings GRMM and Marathi Shala accounts will be kept separate.

5.16  GRMM programs will NOT be allowed to use Shala money unless a written authorization from Shala coordinator is obtained.

5.17  Similarly Shala will not be allowed to use money from GRMM account with obtaining written authorization from current president of Executive Committee.

6            GRMM Meetings

6.1      Per Article 7 of the constitution, the EC shall call an Annual General Body Meeting each year

6.2      In addition to the provisions of Articles 7, 8 and 9 of the constitution, the EC, by a majority vote, shall be allowed to call a general body meeting of the GRMM membership for any purpose it deems fit.

6.3      A written notice of any General Body Meeting, including an agenda, shall be given to all GRMM members no less than 30 days before the date of the meeting.

6.4      Except as specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the Constitution, at any GRMM meeting called with proper notice per the By Laws and Constitution, the members present shall constitute a quorum.

6.5      Eligible GRMM Members must routinely cast their ballots in person. If one spouse in a Family membership is present, he/she may cast a proxy vote for his/her spouse in addition to his/her vote. Absentee ballots shall be permitted only as arranged with the Vice President or Election Officer (for annual elections) at least 1 day in advance of any GRMM meeting.

7            Election Procedures

7.1      Only the members who have paid all the due membership fees will be eligible to vote in the GRMM elections.

7.2      Only the members who have paid all the due membership fees will be eligible to stand for election.

7.3      The Election Officers shall receive panels containing nominations for all positions on the EC, no later than 15 days prior to the AGBM.

7.4      The Election Officers shall mail/Email the names of the candidates in each panel to the GRMM members at least 1 week before the date of the AGBM

7.5      The election shall be conducted during the AGBM and the results of the election shall be declared prior to adjournment of the AGBM

7.6      No canvassing will be allowed during the cultural events organized by GRMM.

8            Official Communication

8.1      Notice of Meetings, elections and other matters can be provided to the General Body by Email, or regular Mail or any other convenient means deemed fit by EC.

8.2      The GRMM will make use of a web-based email group to distribute communication to its members. The GRMM members list will not be sold or distributed to any third party or used by any GRMM, EC member and its business affiliates for promoting their business activities.

9            These bylaws may be amended as follows:

9.1      Any GRMM member, including EC members, may circulate a notice of intent to amend and a description of the proposed amendment to all members at least 30 days prior to any General Body Meeting. At this meeting the motion to amend the must be passed by a 2/3rd majority of all voting members present including the absentee ballots.

10        If the EC or any EC member contemplates any litigation or legal proceedings of any kind that will bind GRMM resources, the EC (or the EC member) must obtain the approval of three-fourth majority of the members of GRMM before initiation of litigation or legal proceedings.


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