Greater Richmond Marathi Mandal is a non profit organization for all the people who love Marathi culture, language, traditions & festivals which have been matured over centuries and are continuing on in this digital age.

सर्वानी एकत्र येऊन, मिळून मिसळून आपल्या समस्तांचे मनोरंजन करणे, आपली मराठमोळी संस्कृती जपणे, वाढविणे आणि पुढच्या पिढीला त्याची जाणीव करून देणे आणि शिकवणे हा या ग्रेटर रिचमंड मराठी मंडळाचा उद्देश आहे…

Marathi Mandal is organized exclusively for promoting the culture, traditions, and language of “Maharashtra” (a western state of India) through various events and services.

GRMM plans to organize cultural, social, musical, and theater events related to traditional Maharashtrian culture. The programs such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Kojagiri, Diwali, Makar Sankrant, Gudhi Padawa, Marathi Natak, Marathi Sangeet and many more.

Our aim is to promote, preserve, cherish and perpetuate the socio-cultural values of Maharashtrian culture as also our history and traditions amongst all Maharashtrians in Richmond Area.

We would like to create a forum of all Marathi folks to promote interaction and participation to contribute towards our uniqueness. Also in assimilation in the ‘American Way of Life’ yet preserving our Maharashtrian Personality and tradition.

Welcome once again to the new organization. Please encourage your friends to join the Mandal and contribute to Mandal’s activities. We look forward to your active participation.

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